Apr 1, 2014

My New Contact Information!

Hello, Dear Followers and Readers !

After a very long hiatus, I will be returning to my blog, Houseplant Care Guides.  I would like to further emphasize the idea (beyond what I have already stated in previous postings) that ANYONE can buy a houseplant and make it thrive, as well as survive!  NOBODY really has a black thumb!  Let me assure you something, now: You Can Do This! 

There are plants in the world, and they are counting on YOU!  I would like to be more green, as well as a bit nicer to the planet (and all its inhabitants, too)!  No matter what your personal beliefs, where you hail from, or what language you speak, let us all come together with the joy of plants!! :) :)

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Finally, here is my new and improved E-mail address!
Please send any plant related questions you may have to the above address, or to my Facebook Inbox. I would ask, please do not contact me regarding the sale of your products or services.  Thanks to you all for reading this post!

Happy (House)Planting!