Oct 12, 2010

You Should Repot Your Plant If...

Here are some signs you will want to see before deciding whether or not it's a good time to repot. If you see only one of these signs, you may not need to repot just yet; however, if your plant exhibits MANY of these signs, repotting is a wise move! This list is intended as a general guideline for repotting, and does not include all signs a plant may exhibit when in need.

If you find I have left out an important sign, please let me know and I will add it to the list (please leave a name so I can credit your contribution!). Leave a comment or drop me a line: My email

You should repot a plant if...
1) Roots are coming up above the soil surface

2) Roots emerge from the drainage holes

3) The plant is heavy but has not been recently watered

4) Your plant's growth isn't as vigorous as usual (lack of flowering, less leaf development)

5) Leaves appear bleached of color (also this can indicate a need for water), are brown or yellowing

6) The plant is pot bound, meaning the small size of a plant's container has sufficiently inhibited or stunted the growth of the plant. Usually if this is the case, a great part of the plant beneath the soil will be solely roots, with very little soil evident.

7) The plant droops but is sufficiently watered (NOT overwatered! Be careful: a plant can also droop if watered too much!)

8) The pot has little to no drainage, or otherwise drains poorly after watering

9) You dislike the pot in general, or the plant needs a style update

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