Jun 6, 2011

15 Creative Containers to Put Your Plants In

Use creative containers for potting any plant in (some restrictions will apply for very large plants). Use some of these ideas to get started. 

1. A coffee cup/saucer (for single plants only). Find plants small enough to fit the plant pot into a coffee cup you are willing to give up. (Ex. St. Paulia miniatures, cacti, succulents, parlor palm, etc.) Remember to always drain the excess water!

2. A window flower box (line the inside with a plastic tray to catch water before you add soil. Some have built in trays, older ones don’t always, though. If you already have an insert, drill holes in this. Keep box outdoors to avoid messes);

3. A painted pot or bucket to add visual interest (Drill holes for watering, or purchase a pot with a hole. The painted container doesn’t have to be the same as the one the plant is in. For more on double potting, see my other posts);

4. A basket;
5. A wicker box or bowl;
6. An old watering can (drill holes in the bottom);
7. A hat box. Use a plant pot large enough to fit inside and not look disproportionate;
8. A teacup (same as coffee cup);
9. An old milk carton;
10. A recycled plastic, wood, or metal container you might normally throw out;
11. A crate;
12. A chest;
13. A jewelry box;
14. A cigar box;
15. A vase or other glass container;
**Great for children who are learning about how plants grow… They will surely be amazed by the plant’s root development! Plus, parents can teach responsibility early by letting kids take care of a houseplant! Be sure to choose easy to grow plants that need minimal care and maintenance as kids first begin. They may need your help!**

The options are one-million-fold when it comes to planting in cool containers. This fact holds true for many, many plants. Your imagination is the only limit, so start thinking!

Very Important Note: Using antique furniture or other antique objects made of wood is not recommended unless you are VERY cautious with watering. Getting water on aged wood will damage it forever! Take steps to protect your prized pieces (or simply do not risk it)! You have been warned...

If you have any cool container ideas and would like to see them here, comment on this post, or email me and I will add your idea to this list! Please give a name you would like to appear next to your container!!!

GOOD LUCK, and I wish you all an excellent day!